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Accounting & Bookkeeping Operations

What are the functions of accounting operations? Accounting operations cover seven general functions to ensure the financial success of businesses of all sizes. These include financial reporting, financial control and compliance, and bookkeeping.

Budgeting & Cash Flow Planning

A cash flow budget is all about tracking the timing of your income and expenses to make sure you have enough from week to week. Before you can build a cash flow budget, you will need to track your income, resources, and expenses for at least one month.

Accounts Payable & Receivable

Calculating, posting business transactions, invoice processing, verifying financial data for use in maintaining records. Maintaining the billing system, Generating invoices and account statements, Performing account reconciliations, Maintaining accounts receivable files and records, and Producing monthly financial and management reports.

Tax Consulting

Preparing and filing of tax returns. Helping taxpayers on tax-related matters. Assessing the financial and legal circumstances of taxpayers to attenuate liabilities. Representing the taxpayers within the process of paying the tax.

Risk Management

We initiate the process of identifying, assessing and controlling financial, legal, strategic and security risks to an organization's capital and earnings.

Payroll Processing

Collect and update employee data, Calculate gross pay, Calculate net pay, Determine employer payroll tax contributions, Keep accurate payroll records, Pay employees, and Pay government agencies and benefit providers.

Expense & Fixed Asset Management

Processing expense reports and approvals according to an official expense policy, as well as reimbursable expenses by employees. Tracking and maintaining an organization's physical assets and equipment. Asset types include vehicles, computers, furniture and machinery.

Financial & Technology Consulting

We provide an independent, expert opinion on a proposed business plan or decision. We help simplify financial transactions for your business, making it more accessible and generally more affordable.

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